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HK Island Fun Day Policy 2023-11

Revised: 2023-12-22

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Applicability: These general terms and conditions apply to all enrollments.

  2. Combining Offers: Promotional offers cannot be combined with any other offers unless explicitly stated.

  3. Eligibility for New Students: This promotion is exclusively available to new students or existing students who are adding new courses.

  4. Definition of New Students: New students are defined as individuals who have not been enrolled as Babington students in any of our branches for the past 60 days.

  5. General Policy: All enrolments are bound by our General Policy

Promotion 1: 100% Discount

To qualify for the 100% discount for the first month (4 lessons), you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Enrollment Deadline: You must enrol within 7 days of the open day.

  2. Payment Requirement: You must make the payment for the 2nd month (i.e., 4 lessons) at the time of enrollment.

  3. Non-Transferable: This offer is exclusively for the attendee present at the open day and is non-transferable to another person.

  4. Discount Coverage: The discount applies exclusively to the tuition fees. Course membership fees and any associated book fees remain payable as usual.

Promotion 2: HKD$500 Coupon

If you are unable to enrol within 7 days, you are still eligible for Promotion 2, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Non-Transferable: This offer is exclusively for the attendee present at the open day and may not be transferred to another person.

  2. Coupon Expiry: Coupons expire on 3rd January 2024.

  3. No Cash Redemption: Coupons cannot be exchanged for cash.

Promotion 3: HKD$488 Coupon for Friends

All attendees will receive two HKD$488 coupons for sharing with friends. The following conditions apply:

  1. Coupon Distribution: All attendees will receive a HKD$488 e-coupon via WhatsApp. The e-coupon and the attendee's phone number will be used to verify the authenticity of the coupon.

  2. Sharing Limit: The e-coupon may be shared with any of the attendee's friends, but it can only be redeemed twice.

  3. Attendee Usage: The e-coupon cannot be used by the attendee.

  4. Referral Program: Our standard student referral program can be used in conjunction with this offer. In other words, if you share a coupon, and a friend redeems it, you will receive a credit of $100 for your first friend referral, $200 for your second friend referral, or $300 for referrals of your third friend or more. You may refer to the Referral Programme in the General Policy for details.

  5. Location Limitation: The coupons may only be used at the following Babington Education centres: Mid Levels Centre, North Point Centre, Kornhill Centre, and Lei King Wan Centre.

  6. Coupon Expiry: Coupons expire on 1st March 2024.

  7. No Cash Redemption: Coupons may not be exchanged for cash.

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