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In consideration of the teaching job, here are the key terms and conditions; please note these are not exhaustive but represent the key points that may affect your decision to join our team. You should refer to the contract for the full and most up to date terms of your employment. 

  1. Annual Leave (AL): AL is subject to approval from your centre manager. Any request made with less than 1 month will be automatically denied, AL will also not be granted during our summer programme period which is usually around mid-July to the last day of August.

  2. 1 Year Minimum Commitment Period: Our minimum commitment period is 1 year. If you think you cannot commit for 1 year, then we strongly advise you to not take the job for ethical reasons. Leaving mid-contract will affect children's learning outcomes and the change of teachers midterm can affect young children emotionally.  As such, we need to weed out candidates who are not serious about teaching. 

  3. Teaching hours: Your average teaching hours will be approximately 25 per week during regular programme (1st September to mid-July) and approximately 28 during summer programme (mid-July to 31 August). This will not be in your contract because our company requires flexibility. You may end up teaching a little more or a little less, however, over an average over time, we aim for you to be teaching 25 hours or less during regular and 28 hours or less during summer. Again, for the avoidance of doubt, teaching more than this stated hours does not constitue the company breaking the contract. For reference, other companies have their teachers teaching around 30 hours per week during regular programme.

  4. Maximum number of classes per day: There is no rule on the number of hours of teaching per day. We only have a guide on the number of hours per week. If you teach more on Saturday, it simply means you will teach less on the other days.

  5. Force Majeure (FM): Your contract as a FM clause which was created in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. While the company has never had to execute this clause, you must nonetheless be aware of such a clause on your contract. 

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